Dr. M. Louise McBee

The Louise McBee Scholarship mcbee-scholarship-application-2020 honors Dr. M. Louise McBee, vice president for academic affairs emerita of The University of Georgia. Dr. McBee’s career began as a high school teacher in Virginia, but she has made her mark on education and politics in Georgia. Beginning in 1963, she held several posts with The University of Georgia, including dean of women, associate dean of students, dean of students, assistant vice president for instruction, associate and senior associate vice president for academic affairs, and acting vice president for academic affairs.

Throughout her tenure at the University, Dr. McBee won the high regard of students, faculty, alumni, and friends of the institution for her openness, candor, honesty, and integrity as well as for her consummate skill as a university administrator. She was a Fulbright scholar and authored or co-authored numerous books and scholarly articles. She is the recipient of numerous awards and honors.

Dr. McBee retired from the University in 1988 and moved into the next phase of her life. She tackled Mt. Everest and was, at the time, the oldest woman to climb higher than 18,000 feet. From there she plunged into politics. McBee was elected to the Georgia House of Representatives from Clarke County in 1991 and served for 14 years. She served as chair of the Higher Education Committee from 2002-2004.

Louise McBee Scholarship
Sponsored by Georgia Association for Women in Higher Education (GAWHE)

To support educational enrichment for women exhibiting leadership potential in a higher-education field.

Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be a female resident of Georgia (defined as being eligible to vote in Georgia or eligible to pay in-state tuition).
  2. Be either:
    • Currently enrolled in a public or private institution of higher learning in the state of Georgia and actively pursuing a master’s, specialist or doctorate degree related to higher education or education politics. The institution may be a two-year or four-year, public or private college, university, or technical institute.
    • Currently employed in a public or private institution of higher learning in the state of Georgia in an administrative or teaching capacity and actively seeking professional development opportunities related to higher education or education politics. The institution may be a two-year or four-year, public or private college, university, or technical institute.
  3. Indicate financial need for the scholarship. For example, financial need to continue formal graduate studies or absence of institutional support for professional development.
  4. If a student, applicant must be academically in good standing (3.0 cumulative GPA).
  5. Submit two (only) current letters of reference in support of scholarship application, at least one of which must be from present employer or faculty member. A résumé, while not required, may be submitted.

Scholarship announcements will be disseminated to institutions of higher education in the state. Information will be sent to the chief academic officers. Applications must be received by January 15, 2020.

The Louise McBee Scholarship may be used for the following purposes:

  1. Tuition, fees, books, and miscellaneous education expenses related to continuing education in the field or to the pursuit of a graduate degree.
  2. Workshops, seminars, etc., related to development of leadership skills for women involved in higher education or education politics.
  3. Relevant research contributing to the success of women in higher education or political arena, or
  4. The development of programs and models that will enhance women in leadership programs.

The application form and two letters of reference must be received by January 15, 2020.

Download or print the application form:


The Louise McBee Scholarship Committee is a standing committee of the Georgia Association for Women in Higher Education (GAWHE). Selection of the scholarship recipient will be based on the following:

  1. Accomplishments or goals that exemplify the life of Louise McBee.
  2. Leadership potential and/or, proven academic record.
  3. Quality and thoroughness of application, written statement, and references.
  4. Indication of need (financial or other).

The Louise McBee Scholarship of $1000 will be awarded at the GAWHE Spring meeting (February 26- February 28, 2020). A $500 award will be given to the award recipient’s mentor to be used for professional development.

Application and two letters of reference should be emailed to:

Be-Atrice Cunningham, Chair
Louise McBee Scholarship Committee
University of Georgia Griffin Campus
1109 Experiment Street
Flynt Building, Room 203B
Griffin, GA 30223



The scholarship recipient and mentor will receive complimentary registration to attend the GAWHE Annual Meeting February 26 – February 28, 2020.

Revised 8/19/2019